Multi channel support

Multi channel support means that not only RTB demand provided by a Demand Side Platform
will be considered in the auction, but also demand from an optional ad server.
OpenSSP also offers the opportunity to implement adapters to other SSP's,
sending them requests corresponding to the bidrequest and considering their responses in the set of auctionable bids.

Second Price Sealed Bid

OpenSSP mainly supports Second Price Sealed Bid.
What does that mean? The bidder with the highest bid wins the auction but only has to pay the price of the second best bidder plus 1 cent.

Deal bids

As the OpenRTB specification describes the bahviour of the private marketplace,
OpenSSP is also able to handle deal bids which was struck a priori between buyer and seller.

Runtime configurable

OpenSSP is built to be configured during runtime via properties config files.
A Watchdog observes a directory and specific files for changes permanently and reloads
after detecting a change the properties into the application context.

Data Caching

OpenSSP uses predefined data to enrich the incoming requests and build the various bid requests.
This data e.g. for websites has to be loaded in an asynchronous manner.
The data will be loaded via a RESTful service, usually due to the fact that calling a database in realtime is not feasible.
Therefore, OpenSSP loads the data from a web service periodically and stores that data in a memory based key-value store called the cache.